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Most looks or comments I get now are related to my pain rather than my shape. Often I get pitying or sympathetic looks, but I think they come from a good place because people are concerned. If someone does say something about my shape, I explain that I have scoliosis. I use it as an awareness opportunity. I did eventually grow in confidence and stopped caring about people looking or what they said. But I still look at myself at times, get frustrated and think, oh, I hate how I look. However, I don’t hate myself because of it now.

I don’t like being disliked or called names but I like seeing people spread ignorance and call them jokes while they are demeaning disabled people. Seeing people think it is okay to do so makes me want to spend more time with my animals and less time with people. But I want to stand up for those people being made fun of and make a difference some how. Since joining the company, she has become a qualified Personal Trainer and advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist. Outside her day-to-day role, Chloe enjoys playing the guitar, gaming and kettlebell training.

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Mugatu had to make an appearance at some point, not to mention the paleo-diet. We’re not throwing shade but nutrition memes speak for themselves. How to Find Macro Amounts in Foods article will be your saving grace. It even gives you apps to use and advice on how to do so. It’s not just crossfitters this happens to, but anyone who doesn’t have enough rest in between workouts will stunt muscle growth. The crown goes to this for outshining all other crossfit memes.

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On general basis it’s dumb to make such jokes. Everyone in life deserves compassion. People with illness or disability have enough to deal with. Mocking, tasteless jokes or rude comments can do serious damage to people. If the road to fitness was easy, then we’d all be doing it.

When I first started working in a hospital, a nurse often laughed at me and said that I was walking ‘strangely’. She pointed out that my skirt was sitting higher at one side than the other and frequently told me I was so thin that I must be anorexic. She seemed to get enjoyment from embarrassing me. Sometimes out of kindness, sometimes possibly out of sympathy, but very often people joked and mocked me. One leg appeared longer than the other. Then, at ten years old, my scoliosis developed. I had thought that being tall was bad, now my spine was going out of shape.

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They might not want to face other people. Yes, living with a muscle wasting disease has impacted my self confidence greatly! My facial muscles are affected which often makes expressions unreadable, people assume I’m sad constantly & them pointing out “you look so sad! ” when I’m actually enjoying myself, is a real blow.

Having multiple strokes doesn’t help either. I didn’t know how to cope with the looks, comments and jokes. I didn’t show or tell anyone that I was upset so I kept it to myself. As a youngster, I had very little self-confidence and in my mind, I didn’t look normal and believed I was an oddity. Those people’s opinions confirmed that to me. During a holiday with my sister, some guys stood outside our apartment laughing and joking about my back.

My main rule for any jokes is to avoid making jokes that might offend anyone. Disability joke is only possible to me if I talk about specific person and approach. For example I have a friend cerebral palsy who walks super fast but it looks..

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