Basic details of the Project for Supporting AGV&AMR Solutions

No.ClassificationProject site detailsDescirptionsNote
1Project site conditionProject site layout .dwg file
2The condition of each line requires materials ( and the job per hour details )
3Area where moving robot can be allowed to pass
4Is there oil on the ground?
5Slope condition of existing road surface
6Condition of obstacles on the route
7Road surface flatness
8Whether the route passes through the outdoor
9Whether the pavement is cement or paint, how smooth is it?
10Warning location
11Other supplementary information
12Jobs per hourThe number of production lines and total demand for goods (Job per hour)
13The positions and the number of loading point and unloading point
14Time cost of each delivery of each loading and unloading point from the line
15The maximum time allowed for a single loading and unloading (in terms of maximum)
16Loading and unloading methods (forklifts, manuals, automatic roller tables, etc.)
17Other supplementary information
18Material containerDimensions, structure details and total weight of a single material (including meterial pallet, or box, etc), since these details determine the model of the AGV/AMR
19Do you need to provide material trolley or material container design?
20Other supplementary information
21AGV / AMR parametersMoving robot speed (average)
22Whether you need to have a back functionOrdinary moving robot can only go forward and not backward
23Moving robot maximum carrying weight (or total weight if multiple trolleys are included)Confirm the important basis for moving robot type selection
24Endurance at one full charge of the battery
25Do you need a remote control?The remote control can have functions such as starting, stopping, etc.
26Special requirements for safety
27Need moving robot operation mode (trailer-bearing, latent or towed?)
28Other supplementary information
29OthersIs there any AGV / AMR or other equipment on the moving robot route?Consider whether protection is required on the tape or buried under the ground
30Expected date of completion of the project
31Allow moving robot production cycle
32Other special control requirementsSuch as communication with line-side devices, etc.
33Intergrated with WMS, MES, should confirm by both parties.The robot conrol system should get tasks signal from customer's system such as WMS, MES, etc.
34Note1:Please reflect the actual situation of the above survey. If there is any change or failure to confirm, please also expressly, we will consider it as appropriate.
35Note2:The parameters in terms of size can provide drawings or plan drawings as much as possible.
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